The UNDER is Daniel Costa (Vocals, Guitar), Randy Odierno (Drums), and Ben Sternbaum (Bass).

The Under has returned with a self-titled follow up to their 2009 offering, Mercurial. The band’s power and range are on full display with five new tunes that continue the evolution of their unique brand of heaviness.

Few bands deftly combine elements of metal, punk, indie, and prog like this Boston based trio. The dynamic peaks and valleys which dot The Under's music can only come from a strongly rooted artistic vision and a wellspring of influences. The fusion of intelligent guitar work, dizzying rhythms, and impassioned vocals act an aural page-turner for listeners who seek substance in their music.





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"The Under's music embodies a finely engineered train cutting aggressively down a mountain and into a forgotten Valhalla past… The Under sound like a prog-rock metal hybrid – something like if Rush, Soundgarden, and Motörhead had a baby."

-Visions of the Unexcused (click for full interview)

“The Under is a trio of seriously amped up dudes who bring a lot of punkish energy to their brand of riff-heavy, yet subtly intricate, power trio version of prog metal…

-Prog Metal Zone

The Under have a spatial way of arranging songs, so even the hyper-chug skull-splitters contain ethereal, hypnotic passages. Dan, the guitar player, is frighteningly talented...The rhythm section is a monster.”


The Under have immense talent as musicians, to consider that the soundscape that is created comes from just three people. There is real passion in the song writing craft…they swoop and soar from tender, almost ethereal moments to full on crushing metal.”



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