The Under (EP, 2015)

The Under (EP, 2015)


DANIEL COSTA - Vocals and Guitars

Randy OdiernO - Drums

Ben SternbauM - Bass Guitar

Few bands deftly combine elements of metal, punk, indie, and prog like this Boston based trio. The dynamic peaks and valleys which dot The Under's music can only come from a strongly rooted artistic vision and a wellspring of influences. The fusion of intelligent guitar work, dizzying rhythms, and impassioned vocals act an aural page-turner for listeners who seek substance in their music.

The Under has returned with a self-titled follow up to their 2009 offering, Mercurial. The band’s power and range are on full display with five new tunes that continue the evolution of their unique brand of heaviness. Since 2007, The Under have played countless shows in and around Boston, garnering great press reviews while building a strong, loyal fan base.



2015 (EP)


2009 (LP)

The Under

2007 (EP)

Upcoming SHOWS

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26 April 2016

We wanna thank the listeners of Dandycast Radio for nominating The Under for Best Experimental or Progressive Metal album. There's some pretty great bands on this list!

Check out the Dandycast Radio podcast for a great selection of metal from the New England area and beyond.

25 JULY 2015

Our next show will be at the Middle East Upstairs, with New Jersey powerhouses The Atomic Bitchwax, Detroit's Against The Grain, and The Drax! This is a 1pm matinee show, so finish your eggs and mimosas with the quickness and head on over!

01 JUNE 2015

Tune into WEMF tonight at 5:30pm to hear Dan talk about The Under’s new EP, as well as provide some vital info on the record release gig!

09 May 2015

The Under has been tapped to play this year's Listen Local festival! This show will feature 11 of the city's best acts from various genres. The music marathon will be taking place at Ned Devine's on Sunday, May 24th, starting at 5:30pm.

Click here for the show's Facebook event page, and info on how we and other bands were selected.

23 Jan 2015

The new EP is mixed, mastered, and ready to go! Stay tuned for release show info...

05 Dec 2014

We'd like to welcome Ben Sternbaum as The Under's new bass player! New 5 song EP coming soonish!

15 Nov 2013

Our Mercurial LP is now on Pandora! Create a “The Under" radio station!

21 Aug 2013

Track listing for our next EP:

  • Insidious
  • The Fear
  • The Harvest
  • The Strengthening
  • Apotheosis

26 Mar 2013

Our next recording has begun! We laid down some mean sounding drum & bass tracks w/ Mr. Joe Egan Sunday...


“The Under channel the vintage sound of Rush, Led Zeppelin, Atomic Rooster, Motorhead, to name but a few... Fans of heavy rock, progressive and thrash metal, and everything in between will find this release interesting.”


"Progressive Metal, yes... but taking more modern and even harsh elements, something that we can recognize in songs like 'Insidious', where a rotted voice suddenly emerges to contrast with the clear voice of Costa, to cite one clear example. But [they] also flirt with Indie Rock, an aspect that is revealed in the languid chords used to shape 'Apotheosis', one of the peaks of the EP."

-Puro Ruido Blogspot (Argentina)

"The Under is a Boston based band that heavily relies on metal with influences from alternative and hard rock, though punk rock atmosphere is no stranger... If you are into heavier side of prog, alternative and indie rock styles, make sure to check out this EP."

-The Moshville Times (UK)

"The Under are a three piece progressive rock trio from Boston who chug through their craft with precise abandon. Their music embodies a finely engineered train cutting aggressively down a mountain and into a forgotten Valhalla past… The Under sound like a prog-rock metal hybrid – something like if Rush, Soundgarden, and Motörhead had a baby."

-Visions of the Unexcused (click for full interview)

“The Under is a trio of seriously amped up dudes who bring a lot of punkish energy to their brand of riff-heavy, yet subtly intricate, power trio version of prog metal…the band wants you to rock, and then offset that with a lot of soft and moody intensity. The band is anchored by the great guitar playing of Daniel Costa, who also has quite a set of pipes on him.”

-Prog Metal Zone

The Under have a spatial way of arranging songs, so even the hyper-chug skull-splitters contain ethereal, hypnotic passages. Dan, the guitar player, is frighteningly talented, equally capable at both rhythm and solo. The rhythm section is a monster.”

The Under have immense talent as musicians, to consider that the soundscape that is created comes from just three people. There is real passion in the song writing craft…they swoop and soar from tender, almost ethereal moments to full on crushing metal.”




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